I’ve never encountered this before, so I thought I’d blog about it just to give you a laugh.

I’m going on a bit of an adventure on Monday.  Do you remember in the A-Z challenge I wrote about the Welsh outpouring?  I said it made me feel like jumping in a vehicle and heading straight there – well, I’m finally going!  I have to book assistance on the trains and the nearest station to where I’m headed doesn’t have any staff.  I could go to the one further down the line that does, but the taxi fare from there to the hotel is about double, so I looked at train-times and phoned a taxi firm.  I explained I was blind, didn’t live in the area, and could a driver meet me on the platform and show me the way to the car?  Simple you might think, but no, this is the laughable bit.  They weren’t happy to do it, unless I gave them my permission for the driver to touch me!  Has the world gone mad?  I sensed they were uncomfortable, so I found another taxi firm.  Yes, they would meet me on the platform; did I have a white stick or a dog so they’d know who I was?  And yes, they’d put me on the train next day; no problem at all.

Gwent Taxies, and all the taxi firms round here come to that, thank you for having some sanity!

The Worship-Leader You Didn’t Know Existed

Today I’ve listened to the show I was plugging. Alex talked about when we went to “Songs of Praise” at the Millennium Stadium in the year 2000, exactly 3 months after I’d become a Christian.

When she told me on the phone that “Songs of Praise” was on and was I happy to go, I unhesitatingly said yes. As someone who wasn’t a churchgoer at the time, I wanted to take any opportunity to get together with other Christians; the style of event didn’t matter. I’m sure that sometimes, seasoned Christians could learn from the enthusiasm of those just starting out.

Anyway, this is one story Alex didn’t tell on-air – maybe because she didn’t want to make me look silly, but I don’t mind looking silly, so I’ll tell it myself. The sound system in the stadium really wasn’t very good. (I’ve heard that said by others too.) Several people sang – Noel Richards, Daniel O’Donnell etc, and you could just about make out what the presenters were saying.

As we sat on the coach home, Alex asked: “What did you think?”

“Yeah,” I said, “it was good. I didn’t know Noel Edmonds could sing!”