Giving God the Glory

“Then, with hearts united, everyone will serve only Me, the LORD” – Zephaniah 3:9.

What inspires you to do good, or keeps you from the bad?  I was inspired when I met George at a wedding I went to.  I was telling him about my first album and its title – “Giving God the Glory” – when he said:  “I think that’s the most important thing, to glorify God in whatever you do.”

I confess I don’t always get it right, and it doesn’t always keep me from those things Richard was talking about (not sin necessarily, but works which, in the end, will just be burned up), but it has made me think more about glorifying God and ask myself some questions.  I think it’s been the greatest help with putting my life on the right track.  George has made an album himself now – “The Glad Surrender”, which is one of my favourites.  Proceeds go to a charity and I’d really recommend you buy it.

A-Z: Wrestling

I need to give Sue some credit for this post.  We met on the web through this A-Z challenge, and her alliteration theme seems to have wound its way in here …

* * *

It’s been a week this week when things worked out well, but what about when you’re wistful and weepy and wondering what’s next?


I was talking to a friend once about someone who went through a difficult time, but instead of throwing a wobbly, he wrote a worship-song.  My friend called it an indication of his character – that he could write “Jesus, I love You Jesus”, and not a where-are-you-now sort of song.  It’s wonderful to have conversations like that.


What about you?  Which songs do you wander to, while you’re wrestling with feelings of hopelessness?  This one by Keith Green builds my faith and makes me want to smile, while this by Third Day wowed me enough to buy and then play it nonstop.  I love story-songs.  I know Third Day have written at least one song about people they knew, so it wouldn’t surprise me if this one was too.  It’s encouraging to be reminded in your desperation that you’re not on your own; God’s willingly come through for others and answered their prayers.  You might feel weak and wan and wilting, but remember one of my favourite promises:  “Your strength will equal your days” (Deuteronomy 33:25).  Don’t waver, but wait for the LORD.

From the One Who’s Been There

There’s such a lot in Philippians 3!  I wrote down a couple of things I could have shared with you all, but this one resonated the most:


“I want to know Christ and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death” – Philippians 3:10.  I wonder if that verse will ever stop being a challenge!  Oh, I want to know Christ, but what about this sharing in His sufferings, becoming like Him in His death?  Let’s think about Jesus’ death for a minute and the horrors He went through.  I don’t just mean the physical horrors – the beatings; having His hands forced behind His back and nailed to a cross …  There were mental anguishes too.  He took 3 close friends with Him into Gethsemane – His soul overwhelmed with sorrow.  He wanted Peter, James and John to pray with Him, but they fell asleep.  They didn’t understand the immensity of what their Lord was about to face; Jesus understood the full scale of it.  Do you have friends like that – friends you’re really close to, and you want their prayer-support in the important parts of your life, but they give up instead of praying along-with you?  That can be really painful, and then of course there was Judas betraying Jesus.


I wrote a song a few years ago about Jesus’ death and the sufferings He went through:

“You were despised; rejected by men,

“So when I face hostility, why should I complain?


“Left all alone in Your darkest hour,

“So when I have no company, why should I complain?”


The truth is, whether we want to or not, as Christians, we will share in Christ’s sufferings, but we can have the assurance that whatever we go through, He’s already been there.  He knows exactly how we feel.


Are you going through a difficult situation at the moment?  You don’t have to go into details, but if you leave a comment, I’d love to pray with you.  Thank you for reading, and please take comfort from the One who’s been there.

A Favourite Gift

I wanted to share this song with you. It’s about one of my favourite chapters in the Bible, and it’s by someone called Godfrey Birtill – a man I was introduced to about 11 years ago.

This has always been one of my favourite Godfrey songs and, on a personal note, Godfrey has a special place in my heart because he’s the one who prayed my own song-writing into being.

I couldn’t write original songs before I was a Christian – lyrics or tunes, but never both. I tried to; I listened to a radio-series on song-writing over 6 Sunday afternoons, but the more I listened, the more it seemed to go over my head.

Then along came Godfrey, to lead a worship-weekend. Sunday afternoon, and there was a workshop on song-writing. At the end, people went to the front for prayer. I don’t remember all he said, but 3 days later, out came my first song.

Sometimes people tell me how clever I am to write songs, but I know it’s not my cleverness; it’s God’s enabling. He gives good gifts to His children, and song-writing is one of my favourites He’s given me.

So, now it’s your turn. Were you reading this, eager to share about a gift God has given you? Please feel free. Your stories and answers to prayer could greatly encourage somebody else.