5-Minute Friday: Adore

Judging from something I’ve read this morning, I think you and I need to ask ourselves the question: Why are we adoring? Because it might be that Jesus doesn’t want just any adoration.

In Mark chapter 5, a man with demons in him is cured by Jesus. Jesus allows the demons to enter a herd of two thousand pigs. The pigs then rush down the hillside into the lake and drown. What? Why did Jesus do that?

I remember worship-leader Godfrey Birtill pointing out that the people begged Jesus to leave because, after seeing their livelihood destroyed, they feared the change to their routine. Could it be that if the pigs had stayed alive, everyone would have latched on to Jesus? He would have become the next big thing, with everyone following Him because of what He did, but Jesus never wanted to be just the next big thing.

I don’t think He wants to be adored for the things He does, so let’s instead adore Him for who He is.


Love Is …

Have you remembered that Valentine’s Day’s coming up this week?  So I’m linking with Kirsten today to share about love:

* * *

Love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave.

Love is the Father who understands you while others think you’re extreme.

Love is the Friend who invests in you forever, irrespective of the return.

Love is the Judge who never thinks badly about you, but only what’s true.

Love is to be shared.

Love is unstoppable; even your future can’t change it.

Love is God; God is love.