“Jesus Talked to me Today” Book-Review

“Jesus Talked to me Today” is a collection of over 40 short accounts of God moving powerfully in children’s lives. I was very glad to review this for Bethany House; there are some lovely stories in here. My favourites are the ones about the giant angels and the pink vanity set, but if I read it again, I would probably change my mind!

You’ll like this if you’re the sort of person who’s uplifted by other people’s stories of what God’s done for them. As you read, you could feel one of two things: Thankful and encouraged to ask God for similar displays of His power in your own life, or sad and discouraged about your situation. This book leaves the impression that even at your most broken, God is willing to come in at the eleventh hour and turn things around.

A Book About Men Written by a Man: “I Wish he had Come with Instructions” Book-Review

You don’t have to be married to enjoy reading books on marriage. I’ve always liked and found them helpful. Sometimes you’ll see titles on how to please your husband or how best to pray for him, but Mike Bechtle’s “I Wish he had Come with Instructions” is different. It’s a book about men written by a man, so you can be fairly sure he knows what he’s talking about. I appreciated his clarification at the beginning that it wasn’t a one-size-fits-all book. Every man is unique, and this ‘Understanding manual’ was written as a starting-point. I liked Mike’s use of storytelling to connect readers with his message.

I would recommend this whether you’re single, married or preparing for marriage. Perhaps like me, it’ll be a conversation-starter with your male friends and you can see who’s the exception to the rule!